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ASL Interpreter Network makes a goal to keep our community updated on news that surrounds the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deaf-Blind communities.

Another site that we strongly support is DEAF NEWS TODAY for the latest news nationwide and internationally affecting the community we share in the bigger picture. Deaf News Today offers current updates from reliable sources that keep us informed in all areas that relate to our communities.

HSDC host workshop to earn CEUS DEC 20th

 Great opportunity to get those last CEUs in and there is still room and time to RSVP.  HSDC will be hosting a 4 hour workshop on Saturday.


Saturday, December 20

12 Noon – 4:00 P.M.

at HSDC 1625 19th Ave, Seattle WA 98122


Cost: $25 (additional $40 for .4 CEUs*)

To register, please contact John Huddlestun at , or 206-388-1276.  

*This is not an RID sponsored event, so in order to get CEUs participants must fill out a PINRA form and contract a sponsor.  Local sponsor Ginevra De lanni at "> is prepared to process forms.  Please include:

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Categories: Community News    |    Date Posted: 12-18-2014

Medical Interpreter Task Force Update

Updates still coming in regarding the poor fill rates from HCA (Medicaid patients).
  • ASL interpreting services -- only 24% fill rate Jan-Aug 2014. 
  • Low income and senior citizen Deaf and DeafBlind people continue to suffer.
Here is the new info:

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Date Posted: 10-12-2014

ASLIN CEO interviewed in TechNews World

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Categories: General News    |    Date Posted: 10-01-2014

MITF (Medical Interpreter Task Force)

Hello amazing team of interpreters,

I am proud to serve on the MITF (Medical Interpreter Task Force) since we were established in 2011. It has been a slow gathering of Leaders in our community making awareness our #1 goal on the State level.

Last Wednesday, Jan 22 our team headed down to Olympia. WA to speak to Senators and Representatives making them aware of points below... (also attached the same "Talking Points" in case your device cannot open attachment).

Check out the link and attached photos.

If you have feedback; please share so I can take back to our next meeting scheduled Feb 24th.


Robbi Crockett MA, MS, NIC-A, NAD IV
Executive Director
RID CMP Sponsor
PO BOX 17414
Seattle, WA 98127
206-527-9555 Fax: 206-527-9557
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*PLEASE consider the environment before printing this e-mail.

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Date Posted: 01-31-2014

ASL Tales DOWNLOAD NOW at Apple Store

ASL Tales DOWNLOAD NOW at Apple Store

In ASL Tales’ Rapunzel, everyone, including the Witch, lives happily ever after, though not in the way the reader might predict. Masterful American Sign Language (ASL) storytelling paired with original children’s literature creates endless possibilities for ASL and English enrichment for the simply curious and the serious sign language learner.

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Date Posted: 12-05-2013


Our very own Robbi Crockett was chosen to be one of the 15 nationwide to join the year long course.

Rochester, NY
"Doctor-speak" — the technical language of the medical profession — can be difficult for any patient to make sense of, but especially so for deaf and hard-of-hearing people. That's because what the doctor says often can't be simply translated into sign language. But 15 interpreters from 12 states hope to fine-tune their skills — and learn more about medical terminology — in a year-long course on health care interpreting kicked off by the Rochester Institute of Technology this week. / USA Today

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Categories: General News    |    Date Posted: 10-16-2013

Social Security Administration

I also wanted to share some exciting news about SSA’s  first American Sign Language video and webinar “Social Security, SSI and Medicare: What You Absolutely Need to Know About These Vital Programs,”  it can be viewed  by video or by webinar at  Please help us share the news far and wide.  And let me know if you should have any questions.

Mayra Salazar
Public Affairs Specialist
Social Security Administration
(866) 312-575-4057

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Date Posted: 04-18-2013

ASL Interpreter Services for Medicaid

The Office of Financial Management released their report on state agency interpreter services. One of the recommendations is that ASL interpreter services for Medicaid be returned to ODHH

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Date Posted: 04-16-2013

Medical Interpreter Task Force

The Medical Interpreting Task Force (MTIF) is hosting community forums to address concerns regarding American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting in medical settings for deaf, deaf-blind and hard of hearing people.   Friday night forums are for Deaf, Deaf-Blind and Hard of Hearing only AND Saturday morning forums are for ASL Interpreters only.   ODHH, WSAD, WSRID are sponsoring the community forums.   Special thanks to the Regional Service Centers  of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing for their help in making these forums possible. More information about the forums can be found on the fliers (click below) including dates, times and locations.   

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Date Posted: 03-04-2013

FEB: ASL Interpreter Network turns 12 years old!!!

ASL Interpreter Network turns 12 years old today 2/1/13! Amazing how time flies!!!! Thankful for each team member that makes it possible to keep the genuine admiration and care for our community together like glue! Cheers to everyone, may you find any excuse to toast ASL Interpreter Network today, this weekend, this month. Love and HUGS!!!! ;) Robbi and the whole ASLIN team

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Date Posted: 02-01-2013

Tech News World Interview with ASLIN

"We as an agency have already seen this product being solicited as a replacement to the in-person interpreter," said Robbi Crockett, executive director of the ASL Interpreter Network.

"This is definitely not the case, [since] each face, each set of hands carries different gestures and speed of use," Crockett told TechNewsWorld. "This device is only good, maybe, for one-on-one -- and at a much slower pace since each individual style, body language is unique."

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Date Posted: 01-09-2013

Washington State RID Conference

ASL Interpreter Network was a proud Plantnium Sponsor at WSRID Conference this year!!

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Categories: Community News    |    Date Posted: 09-20-2012

ASLIN Green Travel Mugs

Visit us at local booths and exhibits and get your FREE ASLIN Green travel mug!

YOU can help us spread the action to use ONLY ASL agency! 

Photograph by Mary Clare Litzen

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Categories: Community News    |    Date Posted: 06-06-2012

911 Information

Do NOT call 9-1-1 for information or assistance. Call 9-1-1 only if there is danger or life threatening.

Links by Zip website has a list of non-emergency phone numbers. You can get information of nearest agencies based on your zip code.

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Categories: General News    |    Date Posted: 01-31-2012

ASLIN 10 Year Anniversary

Please click on the link to see photos and notes regarding our 10 years since we opened in 2/1/2001.

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Categories: General News    |    Date Posted: 02-01-2011


Local news out of Spokane, Washington ...

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Categories: General News    |    Date Posted: 05-04-2010

Gerardo DiPietro

We are very proud of one of our very own team members making the news!!!

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Categories: Community News    |    Date Posted: 03-28-2010